Yup... That's correct! I want to be a military nurse -- in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, that is. This blog will be my partner as I reach my goal to become one -- or not. =( I just hope that I'll be accepted for the Nurse Corps' next year's (2008) batch. This will be a dream come true for me. Please help me, Lord...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

...that others may live...

I found this video on YouTube which features the Philippine Air Force 505th Search and Rescue Group.

I might be interested to join this group when I'll be commissioned in the Nurse Corps AFP. That is, if we will be allowed to decide which branch we would want to join. I've always wondered how it feels to be airborne and wanted to have a "view from the top." I might as well put this wild imagination to better use. This way I can even help people in need with the use of my knowledge, skills, and values (hmmm..sounds familiar..nursing goal..hehe) as a flight nurse. it looks like a "cool" job, in reality however, I know it's risky, tiring, and requires a lot of training. Then again, if one loves his/her work, it doesn't really matter -- that's what makes the job cool to those who love it...

Anyway, I'm really okay with any branch as long as I am in the Nurse Corps. Actually, my first choice is really the Navy simply because I love the sea. That's it. i want to work near the sea -- to see it and, to smell and feel its cool breeze. But if it really isn't for the news about Hueys "falling from the sky", (hehe..) I'd have no doubts in joining the PAF as a flight nurse...weeehh..aehrborne! On the second thought, I might still join the PAF despite reports of aircrafts falling from the sky..hehe.. I love the army, too...Hooahh..I also love working in the remote areas-- I think there are a lot of adventures although, I'm aware that it is the branch that is most prone to communist and terrorist attacks.. Ay basta, any branch is okay with me...whether it be in the army, navy, or air force, i know that i'll be happy. But i really want to experience being part of the PAF search and rescue.. Ahhay..i'm just going around the bush... :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Milestones in the History of Nurse Corps

I found an informative slideshow about the Nurse Corps AFP, though some of the information can be found in the Nurse Corps homepage. I am, however, very much grateful because they included the Nurse Corps Career Pattern and other very important stuff.

This slideshow is actually one of the interesting presentations of the 17th Annual Asia Pacific Military Medicine Conference. Please click here if you want to see other interesting slideshows.


October's near...I' m becoming anxious na (but I'm also becoming more excited na). It seemed just so recent that I kept on hoping it will be October na so that I could apply for the NCAFP. I can't believe that october is fast-approaching... I still don't have all the detailed information for my application... who's the addressee for my application letter, what medical exams should i undergo? questions, questions, and more questions.. what if i fail the medical exam? what if they are not accepting applicants anymore? if you happen to have some answers to my questions, please don't hesitate to put them on the "comments" link..I would appreciate it very much. Or if you know the contact number of the OTCN, it would be enough already. :)

I still need to call the Office of the Chief Nurse so that I can have a list of all the complete requirements..by the way, i don't even know the contact number or email of the office of the chief nurse...waahhh.. and i still need to complete my volunteer duty in our provincial hospital.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Second Chance... or third... or fourth...

Someone made a comment (which I wasn't expecting) on my previous post entitled, "Application Form- My Friendster Version." He shared that he, too, really aspires to study in PMA but fate has somehow made it hard on him. He already took the exam thrice and this coming August will be his last chance to pass the PMA entrance exam. I know that it would make him very happy if he passes it, and I'm hoping he will. I admire how this man continues to strive for his dream despite the previous unsuccessful attempts to realize it.

I don't know if i can do the same... I have a dream too -- see the title of my blog?-- I want to be a military nurse. I don't know, though, if I can continue to strive to become one after, let's say, 2 attempts. I already told myself that if I don't get accepted by February next year, maybe it's not really what God has planned for me. From the start, my mother was always against this so-called dream, so I'd do her a favor -- that is, after this attempt, I won't take a second chance anymore. It's time that i start getting a job that pays. hehehe.. By the way, my current status right now is a pabigat sa aking pamilya. I did not apply in the hospitals here since all of them require me to work for about a year or two with them. The thing is, I want to become a military nurse at the soonest possible time which is this coming February next year. So helping my family financially (which is what is expected of a registered nurse) right now is not really possible. Many people even expect me to work abroad as soon as possible! Unfortunately, that abroad thing hasn't crossed my mind yet. Instead, I end up a pabigat because I still have to ask money for my ongoing volunteer duty in the provincial hospital. However, I am still thankful to my family because they don't really consider me as a pabigat. This feeling of being pabigat continues to "haunt" me but I'm trying to see this as one of the difficult obstacles to achieving my goal.

I guess dreams can be deceiving after all. We dream. We think the way to making that dream come true is as beautiful as "dreaming" about it. We must remember that the "sweetest" or greatest dreams require the most sacrifice and hard work. But then again, no matter how many sacrifices we've done just make our dreams come true, it doesn't really matter. What matters most is that we did our best to make them come true... even after the second chance, the third, the fourth, and so on....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

About the Nurse Corps

I guess the lack or inadequate knowledge (especially the process of application or commissionship) about the Nurse Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines is one contributing factor why there are only a few number of Filipino nurses who enter the field of military nursing. There are also other factors that contribute to low number of nurses entering the NCAFP. Of course, I think on top of the list is the presumption that military nursing is a high-risk and, well, put it simply, a difficult and dangerous field of nursing. Everytime i encourage my friends or batchmates to join NCAFP, usually the main reason why they don't want to join is that it is just "too difficult" -- usually referring to the physical aspects of military training. Others were also concerned of being assigned in Mindanao, not to mention getting caught/kidnapped by terrorists.

Anyway, I believe that those who are really interested in entering the field of military nursing don't pursue their application either because of misinformation or lack of information. Many people, especially my mother, told me not to join because the military nurses will go with the soldiers on a combat mission. waaaahhhh... I often end up explaining that i am a nurse by profession, and not a soldier, although, military nurses are soldiers but they don't go with the marines or scout rangers to hunt down terrorists. Lack of information, on the other hand, simply means no knowledge or contact of reliable persons whom to inquire about military nursing. I had no contact to reliable persons who could give me important information about NCAFP and the process of commissionship.

When i was still a student nurse, i usually visit the NC homepage for general information. There was still a link for online application back then. After i passed the board exam, i checked the homepage again so that i could file an online application. Unfortunately, it wasn't there anymore. huhuhu... i tried to contact them by sending an email but i received a failure notice from Yahoo! that the email doesn't exist anymore. I was thankful that there was a Friendster Nurse Corps account. I called the contact number posted on the profile but it could not be contacted. Oh my... I reached the dead end. Fortunately, on that same morning, the owner of the account posted information on NC commissionship. By the way, the owner of the account is a captain. I sent her an email regarding about NC. she gave me a great deal of information (i'll post them later) about NC. She even asked me to invite her own friendster account so that i could see her experiences in the service. Wow! I already have a military nurse friend on Friendster!

Nurse Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines
(Source: NC Homepage--pls click on the link above)


The Armed Forces of the Philippines is mandated to serve and protect the people and secure the sovereignty of the state and the integrity of its national territory from internal and external threats. In view thereof, the AFP pledges allegiance to the Filipino people, adheres to the principle of supremacy of civilian authority over the military at all times and vows to uphold and defend the Constitution.

In realizing the AFP mandate, the Nurse Corps, AFP recognizes and gives priority to the enhancement of nursing care delivery system in order to best serve the interest of military personnel, their dependents and authorized civilians. Hence, the transformation of the Nurse Corps into a knowledge-based, competency-based and values-based organization is the thrust of the Office of The Chief Nurse, AFP.

Mission, Vision, Core Purpose and Core Values


The Nurse Corps AFP, is committed to provide a comprehensive and quality nursing care services to all military personnel, their dependents and authorized civilians.


The Nurse Corps, AFP, a value-driven organization, as the best provider of highly specialized, proactive and relevant military nursing services in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. A center of excellence where military nurses not only commit themselves to service but in the pursuit of personal and professional development toward the achievement of the goal of the AFP Nursing Service.

Core Purpose

To deliver quality nursing care to clients, provide education and training to nursing service personnel and conduct relevant researches in support of the AFP mission.

Core Values

  • Service above self
  • Accountability and Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Esprit de Corps

Requirements for Commission in the Nurse Corps, AFP (Original & 4 photocopies)

  • Bio-data / Resume
  • College Diploma
  • Transcript of Records
  • Board Examiners Certificate
  • Board Rating
  • Postcard size whole body picture in white uniform
  • Birth Certificate from NSO
  • ROTC Certificate for males only
  • Appropriate Clearances from the Deputy chief of Staff for Intelligence J2, AFP based on supporting Clearances / papers:
    1. NBI - 3 Copies
    2. PNP - 3 Copies
    3. CFI or RTC - 3 Copies
    4. Barangay - 3 Copies
    5. Mayor - 3 Copies
    6. 2x2 ID picture - 1 Copy
    7. Residence Examination from CGEASH
    8. TJAG

Qualifications for Commission in the Nurse Corps, AFP

  • Natural born Filipino citizen.
  • Pleasing personality and of good moral character.
  • Registered Nurse
  • Single or never been married
  • Not more than 32 years old at time of commission
  • Minimum height of 62 inches for female, 64 inches for male
  • Mentally/physically fit for military service and cleared by appropriate security agencies.

Additional information—taken from the Nurse Corps Friendster account

Go to: Office of the Chief Nurse at Bulwagang Heneral Valdez Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City and bring basic requirements like PRC License,PRC Diploma, RLE, College Diploma,Barangay Clearance,NBI and in semi casual attire and look for CPT ELA TAGUBA NC.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From my friendster blog: Application Form - My Friendster Version

* Note: I haven't translated the Cebuano words to English... Please bear with them...hehehe

Maalaala Mo Kaya, last Friday, featured the story of 2Lt. Ariel Toledo, the PMA Class Mandala Valedictorian who is currently fighting his battle with cholangiocarcinoma - a type of cancer that is not responsive to both chemo and radiotherapy. His story, i should say, is that of a typical Filipino success story -- simple man, dreams big, strives hard, inspires others, encounters trials, gets help from people who loves him, finds meaning in life amidst difficulties, and all those sort of stuff... I really admire how his girlfriend loves and cares for him. As in! Unconditional talaga. i'm pretty sure it was his gf's idea that his life story be featured on MMK in order to raise the extremely large amount of money needed for his transplant as it is the only option for his cancer --and it's not even a guaranteed treatment.

anyway, let's go to my friendster version of application form. Application form was the title of that episode, by the way. he took the PMa entrance exam twice but still failed which almost made him give up. his girlfriend gave him the third application form and encouraged him to try again. finally, he passed the exam. now, let's really go to my version....


ok... that's me looking at the PMA Cadetship Application Form. This was taken about a year ago. I asked this application form from a cadet during the Class Maragtas Silent Drill Exhibition in dgte last year.

What?!? si rhea, mag-PMA? That's absolutely crazy! Yeah right! And i was already a bsn graduate (ready to review for the board exam) at that time when i told this really crazy idea to my family and close friends. i thought it wasn't crazy at first. i was really keen on studying in PMA..what would i lose? i'll take the entrance exam on august 27 and NLE is on december pa. well, i might not even pass the entrance exam...hahaha.. and if i manage to pass the exam, what about the physical exam and PFT? i wish! and if i really would manage to meet all the requirements, endure the beast barracks, and be recognized as a plebe -- i know i would lose nothing (except for my hair..hehe). i'd gain valuable lessons in life pa and experience moments that i could never find in any part of the world or buy with all the money in the world..hay kadramahan to..i'd be really happy even if i get discharged after only a month of being a plebe.then i'd go back to my nursing career..hehe..as if nothing happened. :p

they said i was crazy and oh-so-stupid...they said the crazy idea will just pass off. it's just due to the recent maragtas silent drill and the influence of SENAFTIV (this is according to my father...hehe) on me. i don't think so... it actually runs in the blood. my father applied in pma but did not meet the height requirement..hehe. my sister would have been a pmaer too if she did not get the SGV scholarship. well, it doesn't really run in the blood--it's in the upbringing i guess. my father used to tell us stories about his father who was in the army. he has high regard for men and women in the military. and take note, when i was still in high school, he encouraged me to study in PMA because many women excel in there na (not that he'd also want me to excel there..hahaha..wishful thinking ra na). it was i who was afraid of his idea at that time. i could still remember how i laughed at that idea..how i thought of the reaction of my classmates and of course, our commandant, sir paters..Miss ****! Do not slouch!!!! hahaha..wla pa ko karecover at that time sa CAT, sa PMA pa kaya?!?!

but that's one reason too... if i'd study in pma, there's really no room for me to slouch. ma-poised na ko..hehehe. and those other things about rifle and marching drills...well, i guess a month or two in pma would enable me to execute those drills even while i sleep...hehe..

going back to my application form, i filled it up minus the thumb mark. a first class cadet (now a 2lt) told me that it's just a waste of time for me to study in pma. sayang ang nursing daw. i also did some deep contemplation and allowed reality to slap me hard. continue with my nursing career! i know there are a lot of people who'd be really happy to be in my position (that is having a bsn degree---just a few exams more and they'd be flying their way to US). the cadet also told me taht many of the cadets even want to take up nursing..that's interesting. why not establish a study exchange program? impossible, of course.

so i did not file my application form. i smile when i think about it right now. but the military idea is still in my system...i don't know why! i can't help it! even before i realized i wanted to study in pma, i already wanted to become a military nurse. mheling, in one of her testimonials (dated april 2006, i guess) in friendster, called me lt.col. hehehe..i'd be very much happy even with the rank of a 2lt. grrgrrr... I CAN'T HELP IT! i want to experience being in the military..on a second thought, im afraid it's not just experience-- it's to BE in the military.

i know it's quite hard to be in the military world as opposed to the civilian world where one can do all the things he/she wants. it's hard to "obey first before you complain." i know that it would not be easy for me to enter the military. i qualify all the "papers" requirements but i don't know if i can pass the medical exam or the physical fitness tests..i'll work on it after i'm done with my volunteer duty. and even if i do qualify, would my mother really allow me? we have been discussing about the nurse corps things since december pa, until now she's still apprehensive. she has always been against the idea of her children being away from home. everytime the topic about me entering the nurse corps is brought up, i always end up convincing her, and she, discouraging me. i even got the feeling she's hoping i won't be accepted...

"kung magsakit ka, kinsa may mobantay nimo? sus! sige ra ba gud kang gilabdan ug ulo ug gi sip-on (allergic rhinitis)..."
"nah! o, naa na poy sunog sa manila..."
"unya kung i-assign ka sa mindanao?" (hehe..more exciting!)
"apply nlang sa medical or holy child or teletech...malipay pa kaayo ko..."

the list goes on...

bitaw sa? the list against me entering the nurse corps is sooooo long. but i don't know why. im quite determined in joining the nurse corps. again, i know it's hard.but i've got a good feeling i'll be satisfied when i'll be commissioned in the nurse corps. there are actually a lot of benefits, not just monetary, but those kinds of "benefits" that, i must say again, one cannot find in any part of the world or buy with all the riches in the world. i just hope that i get accepted...waaahhh. i did not apply in medical center or holy child hospital (because there is a 1-2 yr contract) so that i could join next year's batch in the nurse corps. i would have been earning now with my friends. i would not be here right now ranting about it on friendster. i would not be an idler, as someone would put it, right now. i would be helping my family instead of being pabigat. i would not be making my mother worry about me every time i bring up the nurse corps stuff. i would not feel guilty for being such a disobedient daughter. i would not have to worry or wonder if i can really take the pressure of being in the military - a nurse and a soldier at the same time. (although, i always keep in mind that no one person was born a soldier - not even Sun Tzu, Napoleon Bonaparte, or Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim- or a nurse - not even Florence Nightingale or Clara Barton..everything can be learned..hehe). i would not have to worry if i'll be accepted and the effect it would have on me if i won't be accepted. but that's it!

I can't help it. These realities are slapping me really hard. yet, i continue to be 'anesthetized" from these painful realities. im beginning to sense taht im becoming really selfish..oh well, but this is my life too. it's now or never. i ain't gonna live forever just to try out on everything people would tell me. i want to be a military nurse!laugh at me..btw, i remember someone's look on her face when she knew i'll be applying in the NCAFP..hehehe..she said, "ha?! magmilitary nurse ka? mahinhin man ka?" you can say that again..mahinhin ba talaga ako? hehe.. *rolls eyes*

ok, so i'm applying this september or october together with my batchmate in highschool and college..ayay..kamahal sa plete paingon manila..huhuhu..but mao lagi na..we don't want to wonder for the rest of our lives..what if? what if? what if?.. if we are not really destined to become military nurses, then no matter what we do, we will never become mil nurses. but if we really are destined, then no matter what other people do to stop us, we will still become military nurses...hehehe (sounds familiar gyud...)

Posted on Friendster last June 22, 2007

I Want to be a Military Nurse

Yup... That's correct! I want to be a military nurse -- in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, that is. This blog will be my partner as I reach my goal to become one -- or not. =( I just hope that I'll be accepted for the Nurse Corps' next year's batch. This will be a dream come true for me. Please help me, Lord...